Blue-Red Male Leghorn

The Blue-Red Leghorn

Blue-Red Male &  Female Leghorn
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The blue red is nothing more than a blue version of black breasted red{ in our case brown leghorn}   

Blue redXblue red will give 25% black breasted red , 50% blue red  and 25% assorted splashes whose males resemble red pyles, The preferred breeding procedure is to mate blue redXblack breasted red which throws 50%of each parental  colour. Blue reds  may be bred  in any shade of red but bantam standard calls for the golden red in the hackle and saddle of the male. White {splash} birds from a blue red and blue duckwing mating will resemble piles; these may be used in a future mating to obtain a lighter shade of blue ground colour if desired.

Male Plumage Head and hackle: rich orange-red shading off to lemon colour, striped with blue, crimson-red at the front of hackles below the wattles.
Back, shoulder coverts and wing bows: deep crimson-red or maroon. Wing coverts blue, forming a broad bar across. Primaries: brown. Secondaries: deep bay on outer web (all that appears when the wing is closed) and blue on the inner web. Saddle: rich orange-red, shading off to match the neck hackle as nearly as possible: Head and hackle: rich orange-red shading off to lemon colour, striped with blue, crimson-red. Breast and under parts: blue, quite free from brown splashes. Tail blue. Tail coverts: blue edged with brown.

Female plumage: Hackle: rich golden-yellow, lightly striped with blue. Breast: salmon-red, running into maroon around the head and wattles, shading to blue-grey at the thighs. Body colour: soft brown, very closely and evenly pencilled with blue, the feathers as free as possible from light shafts and the wings free from red or rusty tinge. Tail: blue, outer feathers pencilled with brown.