A Few Buff Breeding Tips
by Dan Honour
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Flag USA A Few Buff Leghorn breeding tip basics

The green leg can be used to get yellow legs, if you a careful. Green (willow) legs bred to green legs equals 100% green legs. Never bred together green leg birds as they will produce all green. You can have a yellow legged male that can carry the green leg hidden. It is sex linked and the male carries two doses (because of the sex chromosome), the female one dose of leg color.If you have a yellow leg female she is pure for the yellow leg. You can make use of a green leg female if mated to a yellow leg male, then retain only the yellow leg daughters. Sometime you have to make use of green legged birds, especially if they are outstanding.

In buff color. If you have good type and vigor you may have to use birds off in color. The ideal is a sound buff mated to other sound buffs, but in the real world we rarely get such mates. So try to have sound buff in one sex of each mating. By “sound” I mean, “solid buff” in main tail (also sickles in males) and solid buff wings .Especially wing bar and wing coverts. It is six of one or ˝ dozen of the other when dealing with pepper (small black specks) or salt (small white spots). Some flocks have both pepper and salt segregating, it might be easier dealing with just one, reducing the amounts gradually by having the mate solid buff. Salt is dominant white, if you have pepper you do not have dominant white in that bird. Avoid blue. The richer deeper (medium to dark) shade of buff is the only way to have solid buff quills ,rich under color. The light pale buff lacks strength of pigment and will breed whitish under color, pale to white quills, shafty surface color, and white in wings and tail. It only take a few generations of mating together pale buffs to see this happening.

Try to keep natural vigor high on your list, use the ax instead of medications. Set the large eggs with good shell texture and use good egg production females. Hatch and raise as many as you can,only 5-10% (or less) are the outstanding flock improvers.
Dan Honour

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